Empowering clients to acheive their health goals

The link below is to an article with an extremely interesting point of view by a doctor on the US healthcare system. As a nutritional therapist my main aims are to ensure my clients not only have a clear view of what I am recommending for them, but that they also understand the reasons for proposing the changes, and feel they have the support and necessary tools to make those changes easy to build into their lifestyles. An important, and all too easily undervalued, part of this is listening.

Do ordinary people benefit from protein shakes?

I get asked about protein shakes regularly by clients, either as meal replacements, which they're not, or as post-work out supplements. Unless doing extreme exercise it's highly unlikely anyone would benefit from them, so don't fall for the marketing hype! It's worth remembering excess protein is as likely to be stored as body fat as excess anything else.

Understanding food intolerances...

As a nutritional therapist, I see many clients with seemingly unrelated symptoms, which are really due to poor digestive function and food intolerances.

Take for example *Andrea, who came to see me with asthma, bloating, heartburn, headaches, back pain, tingling in her feet, dry skin and gritty eyes. Phew, sounds a lot doesn’t it, but she’s typical of many of my clients.

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