Understanding food intolerances...

As a nutritional therapist, I see many clients with seemingly unrelated symptoms, which are really due to poor digestive function and food intolerances.

Take for example *Andrea, who came to see me with asthma, bloating, heartburn, headaches, back pain, tingling in her feet, dry skin and gritty eyes. Phew, sounds a lot doesn’t it, but she’s typical of many of my clients.

Andrea wasn’t eating badly, but did drink lot of tea and coffee, which were affecting her energy levels, making her tired in the afternoons.

As with all my clients, she was checked for food intolerances, wheat and cows’ dairy produce came up as being problems for her. Stopping these, she started changing her eating patterns, to include more antioxidant rich foods, including a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. We also worked with some natural supplements, to help speed up her body’s repair processes.

When Andrea came back to see me the following month she said “I cannot believe the difference I feel, it was amazing, there was immediate change!”.

Within a few weeks her symptoms had cleared. However, continuing the repair work with nutrients and good food choices, we later able to re-introduce wheat back into her diet, though she still needs to be careful how often she eats cows dairy produce.

Months later, Andrea remains symptom-free, and rarely feels the need to use her inhaler.

Getting your digestive system happy and functioning well really is the key to good health. There’s no need to put up with feeling achy or tired. Anyone can bite into great health!

* - her name has been changed!