In her mid thirties I.T. had been given a diagnosis of 'sub-clinical infertility'. She had a young son from an assisted fertility technique, and had been trying for second child for 2 years.

In previous medical interventions she had had complications resulting in the loss of a fallopian tube. She also had potential issues with the shape of her womb and endometriosis. Otherwise her health seemed fine, though she did often get dry, cracked skin on her hands.

K.D., a lady in her mid fifties, came regarding persistent digestive bloating after eating. Her blood pressure was very high, despite being on prescription medication for both that and high cholesterol.

She also had poor sleep patterns, waking every night at around 3am, often feeling hot and sweaty. She felt like it took her 30 minutes to wake up fully in the mornings.

Despite consistently going to the gym 3 times a week she'd been unable to lose any weight and was feeling frustrated about this.

At 45 years old K.A. had been discouraged from trying to conceive by her GP. She had met her husband late in life and had been trying for a baby for 3 years by the time she came to Balance Nutrition, having suffered one miscarriage in the past.

Being over 40 little was offered to her by the way of medical tests, but those that had been done were clear.

Her menstrual cycle was regular but her periods were longer and heavier than normal, and she experienced abdominal bloating the week before each period. She also got regular headaches, and digestive bloating and gas.

Having been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) aged just 15, T.D. had been on the pill for most her adult life. Now 26 and married she'd come off the pill but only had 6 periods in the last 2 years, all of which were nearly two weeks longs, and at very erratic intervals. Tests showed she was not ovulating.

She was also constipated, only having a bowel motion every 3 days. This had been the pattern for as long as she could remember. She had dandruff and an itchy scalp often.