Digestive bloating, poor sleep & high blood pressure

K.D., a lady in her mid fifties, came regarding persistent digestive bloating after eating. Her blood pressure was very high, despite being on prescription medication for both that and high cholesterol.

She also had poor sleep patterns, waking every night at around 3am, often feeling hot and sweaty. She felt like it took her 30 minutes to wake up fully in the mornings.

Despite consistently going to the gym 3 times a week she'd been unable to lose any weight and was feeling frustrated about this.

Her aims were to stop the digestive bloating, lose weight, and have more energy.

What We Did: 

K.D. drank a lot of tea and coffee and little water. Her diet was fairly average, a reasonable balance of protein and carbohydrate but low in fruit and vegetables. However, a big issue was eating at irregular times.

She stopped drinking all tea and coffee, which can elevate blood pressure, and began to eat at regular intervals keeping her diet rich in anti-oxidants to benefit her cardiovascular system. We also removed all red meats and cows dairy produce from her diet temporarily to allow her digestion to improve without these slow to process foods.

After a few weeks red meat was re-introduced without any bloating. K.D. continues to limit cows dairy as she finds milk in particular doesn't agree with her.

How It Helped: 

She found the dietary changes easy, very quickly the bloating subsided and she noticed improvements in her energy levels, commenting that she was “not having that horrible dip in the afternoon” any more. She lost 5lbs in the first month.

As well as this, a persistent cough she'd had for along time had vanished. So had an annoying issue with an itchy eye, and an infrequent but very painful cramp in her calf muscles. Dry skin was much improved, as was a tendency to come out in rashes when stressed. Her sleep patterns improved significantly, and she now wakes up feeling refreshed.

Most importantly her blood pressure is the lowest it has ever been, so she's now working with her GP towards coming off the medication.

Here's what she said herself;
“I have felt my energy levels are much better. It's quite surprising how lethargic I feel if I eat poorly”.
K.D., Harpenden