Pre-conceptual care and sub-clinical infertility

In her mid thirties I.T. had been given a diagnosis of 'sub-clinical infertility'. She had a young son from an assisted fertility technique, and had been trying for second child for 2 years.

In previous medical interventions she had had complications resulting in the loss of a fallopian tube. She also had potential issues with the shape of her womb and endometriosis. Otherwise her health seemed fine, though she did often get dry, cracked skin on her hands.

The good news was her menstrual cycle was regular and normal, though obviously only every second cycle could result in a pregnancy. All her blood tests were all fine, as were her husbands sperm tests.

Her aims were to improve her fertility, feel healthier and lose a little weight.

What We Did: 

With one of the best diet diaries I've ever seen, her issues were obviously not with what she ate but an inability to absorb it. An analysis of her hair by a professional laboratory showed some key minerals to be between 15 and 30% lower than normal levels confirming this. I.T. sensibly decided to stop trying to conceive until these were back to normal.

Initial food intolerance testing showed issues with wheat, kiwi fruit, potatoes, peppers, aubergine and tomatoes. As some of these normally healthy foods were staples of her diet, these needed removed and her diet re-structured. She also took natural food supplements to help get her back on track quickly.

One by one the eliminated foods were all re-introduced and she continued with her excellent diet. Only 4 months later a repeat analysis of her hair showed normal or excellent levels of almost all minerals.

How It Helped: 

After receiving this good news I.T. and her husband began trying to conceive again, and within 5 months she was pregnant. With only one fallopian tube this was tremendously quick. 

She had a super pregnancy, a short labour without complication, and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy weighing nearly 9 lbs.

“Thank you so much for all your help as we tried to conceive and then during my pregnancy. I really am extremely grateful as I'm sure following the Foresight Programme and your recommendations made all the difference. I recommend you to anyone I know in a similar situation.”

I.T., Watford.