Pregnancy & fertility: having a baby mid 40's

At 45 years old K.A. had been discouraged from trying to conceive by her GP. She had met her husband late in life and had been trying for a baby for 3 years by the time she came to Balance Nutrition, having suffered one miscarriage in the past.

Being over 40 little was offered to her by the way of medical tests, but those that had been done were clear.

Her menstrual cycle was regular but her periods were longer and heavier than normal, and she experienced abdominal bloating the week before each period. She also got regular headaches, and digestive bloating and gas.

What We Did: 

Her diet was generally fine, though a little low in protein, fruit and vegetables, but she drank a lot of tea and practically no water at all.

Having done food intolerance testing, which showed mild issues with wheat and cows' dairy produce, we decided to get the Foresight laboratory to analyse her hair for mineral levels. This showed low levels of zinc and selenium, and high levels of copper, a profile Foresight felt could increase the risk of miscarriage. Due to her age, K.A. decided to keep trying to conceive while these were corrected.

She started drinking plenty of water, and increased the amount of foods she ate containing zinc and selenium, while taking a minimal level of natural supplements to augment this.

How It Helped: 

Very quickly the headaches stopped, the bloating and gassiness subsided, and her energy levels improved. Within 4 months K.A. was pregnant, though sadly she miscarried at 6 weeks. However, now 46 and encouraged that she had been able to conceive again, she kept positive and focused with her eating plan.

She was rewarded by becoming pregnant again very shortly afterwards, and this time had a healthy baby girl at full-term - just a few months before her 47th birthday!