Children's Health

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We’re often approached by parents who are concerned about poor appetite, low weight gain, lack of colour or vitality, bloating or complaints about ‘tummy ache’. Bouts of tonsillitis, recurring ear infections, colds, or chest infections and the misery of eczema can also be big worries.  

We’re not great believers in the they’ll-grow-out-of-it approach. After all, that’s not going to make a miserable child feel any better right now. Often food intolerances are playing a part in the picture and giving parents the confidence and support to make dietary changes is part of our role.

Older children, missing school through recurring illness is also obviously a worry, especially near vital exam times when stress levels are high anyway. We work to help resolve issues such as unexplained fatigue and frequent infections, helping children get back to full-time schooling as soon as possible.