Corporate Health

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The biggest single cause of lost days to any business, any human resources professional person will tell you, is stress. Balance Nutrition can support the well-being of your staff and reduce lost days for a fraction of the price of a private health care scheme.

How? We will empower your staff to look after their own health through diet and simple stress-reduction techniques. We can provide this service for you in a number of ways to suit your budget. You may wish to choose;

  • one-off talks covering a range of health topics, or a single topic. This would provide easy to follow advice suitable for all staff, no matter what age, race or sex.
  • a series of seminars each one concentrating on a particular topic such as; what really makes a quality diet, foods that fight stress and infection, the benefits of being active, weight management, and practical stress management techniques.
  • individual consultations for key personnel as a pro-active measure to keep them healthy, and as an incentive programme to offer your employees that something extra that lets them you know you value them.

Practical handouts would accompany all talks, these provide backup to the content and show how easily health enhancing changes can be introduced to anyone’s diet.

If you have employees with a high sickness level, an individual nutritional programme may be just what is needed. They will have the benefit of enhanced long-term health, and you will regain their valuable resources at the workplace. A true ‘win-win’ situation.

If you supply food, or have a canteen for your employees, Balance Nutrition can also discuss the nutritional status of the food provided with your caterers, and suggest improvements that fit within your budget.

To find out more about developing a programme for your business, please call to make an appointment. We will happily visit you at your workplace.