Fertility & Pre-Conceptual Care

Beetroot, rich in iron beetroot can help your energy levels during preganancyBalance Nutrition is now closed.


One of the most important questions you’ll ever ask yourself is am I healthy enough to be pregnant? This is vital because your baby’s health is directly dependant on your own, both before conception and throughout pregnancy.

Did you know that both sperm and egg take in the region of four months to fully mature? That makes it common sense to plan ahead and book a nutritional assessment before planning to conceive. It's simple, the healthier you are as parents, the healthier your baby will be.

For the mum-to-be the demands a growing baby makes on your body make it only sensible for you to be in the best possible health prior to conception. For the potential father improved nutrition can boost quantity, quality and motility of sperm, increasing your chances of a quick, natural conception.

At Balance Nutrition we look at the underlying issues that may affect the ability to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy. We can advise you on the best supportive nutrients to maintain and maximise your energy levels throughout your pregnancy. Not of course that it's advisable to let them drop once the baby's arrived – you'll need something to get you through those sleepless nights!

Balance Nutrition founder, Kim Crundall, is an experienced registered practitioner working with the Foresight Pre-conception Programme.