Food Intolerance / Sensitivity Testing

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Food intolerances and sensitivities are a common, but often unrecognised, cause of chronic ill-health, disease or simply discomfort. Substantial evidence points to the fact that removing the problem food(s) can bring about remarkable improvements in health.

Bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, tiredness, headaches, migraines, bloating, aching joints and muscle pain are all symptoms that may be due to intolerances. A great many sufferers of eczema and asthma may also have an undiagnosed food intolerance.

The goods news is food intolerances are often temporary. While initial avoidance of the problem food is necessary, in most cases people can go back to eating these foods again after a few weeks or months.

Balance Nutrition will design a personal eating programme to help you work your way through these changes and put you firmly on the road to recovery. And better still, it’s all included in the standard price of a consultation.