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celery is an excellent source of sodium and potassiumBalance Nutrition is now closed.


You may already enjoy a good quality diet but this may be a point in your life when you’re making unusual demands on your body for example, competitive sports, or a particularly stressful period of your life.

High levels of physical activity and stress both turnover more nutrients and create more metabolic waste. These processes release the free-radicals associated with cell damage and ageing. Naturally our bodies have mechanisms for coping with this, which are supported by specific vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from the foods we should be eating. The bad news is these many of these can be lacking in a modern diet.

Balance Nutrition can assess your current eating habits and ensure they are correct for your level of activity. By identifying and plugging any dietary gaps and checking for indicators of stress on your body systems, potential problems can be identified before they become an issue. 

On the other hand you may be feeling fine with no plans to take up anything more competitive than the Times Crossword, but nevertheless wanting the reassurance of knowing your diet is optimal and helping to protect you against degenerative disease in later life.

You take your car in once a year for a check up, why do less for your body?