What to expect

fresh herbs are a great way to add flavour and nutrientsBalance Nutrition is now closed. 


The initial consultation lasts up to an hour and half which gives us a chance to listen to your concerns, learn from your medical history and discuss the goals you’d like to achieve. At the end of your appointment we will have formulated some plans. Whilst identifying the right foods for you is a priority, our recommendations will always take into account your likes and dislikes, so we won’t send you away to devour stuff you detest!

We often recommend natural supplements, concentrated food stuffs, vitamins, minerals or herbs, all natural products from natural sources. They may be used to help resolve specific issues, enhance metabolic processes, or build up vital body stores of nutrients where there may have been a long-term imbalance. We do, however, like to keep supplements to a minimum and let dietary changes do the majority of the work.

How many appointments would be best for you is obviously quite individual. We normally see clients on a monthly basis, and as a general guide most will visit us 3 – 4 times to start off. For most people this will either resolve the problem completely or allow them to go on a long-term self-maintenance programme.

Many health insurance providers do now provide cover for nutritional assessment and for food intolerance testing. Please call us to find out if we are already registered with your provider.

First appointments are £145, and all follow up appointments are £80 each.

Couples, or family members, wishing to come together can book an initial double appointment for £220 (two hours), and follow-ups for £120 each (one and a half hours).